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Crude oil price reduction strong world market

On 12 November, the crude oil price in the US and World market dropped deeply, while Brent oil price hits lowest close in the past 6 and a half years.

Data from the New York Exchange Stock showed, in the last trading before the date closing of 12 November, the WTI crude oil price fell $1.18 to $ 41.75 / barrel. This is the lowest price of crude oil since a record $ 37.75 on 26 August.

In London (UK), Brent Crude oil price lost 3.8 % to $ 44.10 / barrel. This is the first time since last August the Brent oil prices down to below 45 USD / barrel; 2 dollars more, the oil prices will fall to lowest level in past 6 years and a half.

In recent 7 trading, crude oil prices fell more than 6 USD total , corresponding to 12%.

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