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Experts predict housing prices in 2016

Property markets in 2016 is expected to continue rebound and go up, this will be an opportunity for investors to take profits on the market.

In 2016, property prices rising market trend, the price can be increased by 10-20 %. Thanks to the new policy, market are becoming more transparent so the market will not happen bubble in the short -term.

In 2016, property prices rising market trend is understandable. We look back to 2013 when property prices hit bottom , prices gradually increased in 2014 and most exciting in 2015. Vietnam is a country with a young population, urbanization rate is very high, therefore the demand for housing in urban areas is huge. So prices in the next time will continue upward.

Recently answered media, Mr.Nguyen Tri Hieu – economic expert  also said that property prices will rise next phase: “Once the lending rate increases, businesses will have to adjust the selling price accordingly. Property inevitably have to rise and is expected to increase further from 5% to 10 % over the price at the end of 2015 ".

Recognizing the property prices will rise stably and hardly cause bubble accumulation, 2016 will be the year investors continue to earn profit from property. However, experts also warned investors should observe carefully the changes in cash flow and wise in choosing investment products.

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