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Fed decided continuously to keep the current interest rates

With the reasons of growth rate of the US economy has remained in the low in the period of last year due to concerns the global economic slowdown, Federal Reserve Bank of the US (Fed) continues to retain the current interest rates.

In the statement released on the morning of 28/1 (Vietnam time) after a meeting of the  Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) - the agency of Fed policy makers - Central Bank of the United States affirmed maintain interest rates at 0.25-0.5% announced in 12/2015, after many considerations, in the context appear more risks from the condition of China economic slowdown and plunged oil price.

Fed gives the decision on the condition investor is also careful by the market almost continuous decline since the Fed's last meeting.Announment confirmed Fed is monitoring the conditions in closely.

However, investors are still watching developments of the meeting to update the Fed's latest forecast on the US economy and rising interest rates in the future.The financial experts also concerned about the Fed's assessment of the risks if oil prices continue to fall.

After the Fed announcement, the important stock index of US as S&P 500 fell 0.6%, while the dollar also fell against the euro with the exchange rate $ 1.901/1 Euro.

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