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Ministry of Finance requires transport business to reduce charges.

The Ministry of Finance promulgated Document No. 11707 next / BTC - QLG request to the Ministry of Transport and local authorities require transport business to declare the charges.

According to the Ministry of Finance since the beginning of 2015 until now, gasoline prices are operated flexibly according to market mechanisms. During follow-up showed a trend down clearly and will impact positively on the market in general, including the car transportation market in particular.

Therefore, to continue to strengthen management, stabilize prices in the province, the Ministry of Finance request to the Ministry of Transport with price management functions directing the Department of Transport to collaborate with the Department of Finance and related agencies, require transport business to declare charges suitable with volatility of fuel costs on charge rates.

At the same time, implementing strict compare with fuel prices in the previous period to guide and require transport business to declare charges suitable.

Along with, strengthen the inspection of charge declaration, listed in charge rates as prescribed, strictly handle violations of regulations on the management of charge rates, even in the case of the time limit that the transport units does not make the declaration of charges decrease trends decrease in fuel prices.

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