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The airport collected VND 26 billion from parking charges

ACV has just published document introducing privatization. These documents are quite detailed referring to business operations, business prospects, revenue structure, the purpose of equitization. Accordingly, the revenue structure of business mainly comes from three main areas: Services aviation, non-aviation services and retails.

In revenues from non-aviation services, revenue of yard storage charges, parking at the airport increased rapidly over the years. 2012 reached VND151 billion, increased VND198 billion in 2013, 2014 reached over VND236 billion. Speed of ​​average revenue growth of 19-31%.

Specifically, the revenue of car parking charges is revenue from terminals parking used by taxi, the passenger transport unit in the airports and other organizations, the cost of keeping two wheels motorbike ...This activity is not subject to the management of the Finance Ministry's price.

In fact, parking fees at the airport is quite high. At the Noi Bai airport, the car keeping fees are calculated for each type. For cars less than 9 seats, the first 60 minutes was VND15,000, then each hour will be add VND10,000. Thus, one automobile less than 9 seats if storage 3 days will be charged nearly VN700,000.

For vehicles from 30 seats or more, the first 60 minutes was VND40,000  then each hour will be add VND15,000. Thus, one automobile less than 9 seats if storage 3 days will be charged nearly VND 1.1 million.

According ACV, total revenues of non aviation services (costs yards, parking, advertising services, office space rental, VIP customer service revenue...) increased rapidly. 2012 reached VND752 billion, up to VND828 billion in 2013 and 2014 reached VND924 billion, accounting for 11.5% of total revenue.

With total sales in 2014, ACV reached 665 billion, accounting for 8.3%. In particular, sales of groceries, souvenirs, and food also reached VND161 billion. Revenue from sales agent reached 470 billion. Sales of electricity, water reached over VND30 billion.

With the biggest contribution is the revenue from aviation services sector. In 2014, aviation services contributed VND6,400 billion, accounting for over 80% of company’s sales. Aviation services including security services, ground services, passenger services, take off and landing.

ACV is the management unit, coordination and investment to exploit the system of 22 entire airports, international and domestic airport throughout the territory of Vietnam. In 2014, total revenue of the company reached VND10.569 billion, profit after tax was VND2,437 billion.

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