Pimex - Công Ty Cổ Phần Đầu Tư Xuất Nhập Khẩu Xăng Dầu Việt Nam

The gasoline price will deeply reduce from 15:00pm 3 november

From 15:00 PM today, 3 November, RON 92 gasoline prices will reduce at VND770 per liter, down to sell price is not higher VND17 233 per liter.

Diesel will drop VND430 per liter, down to no higher than 13 515 VND per liter. Fuel decreases VND480 per liter, down to VND12524 per liter.

Gasoline price continue to fall further VND770 per liter from 15:00 PM on 3 November.

Petroleum Price Stabilization Fund continues to be appropriated at VND300 per liter with all items.

Thus, with RON 92 gasoline, since early this year has increased price in six times with total reduction of VND 5840 per liter. Meanwhile, Count of this decrease price today 3 November, the gasoline price have fallen 9 times for a total reduction of VND6492 per liter.

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