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The inflation rate of Japan in January return to 0%

On February 26 Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the data showed the country's inflation rate in January 2016 has returned to 0% - unchanged level compared with a year ago , after having increased in two months.

This inflation is due to continuous decline of commodity prices related to energy, in the context of falling crude oil prices, energy prices fell nearly 11%, gasoline prices fell nearly 17 % while the price of oil fell more than 26 %. Television prices have risen approximately 16 %, food prices rose more than 2%. Excluding food and energy, index consumer price rose 0.7 % for the 28th consecutive month.

Above index inflation is much lower than the target of 2 % by the Bank of Japan ( BOJ ) in place, show the challenges that Tokyo have to face in deflation, promote growth as ambitious economic policies entitled " Abenomics " of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Experts predict Japan will continue easing monetary in the near future.

To dispel worries about the risk of Japan returned to a period of deflation , the BOJ will be able to continue easing monetary, similar to the European Central Bank ( ECB ) expects to ease monetary in March and US Federal Reserve System may abandon plans to raise interest rates.

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