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Why gasoline prices fall, rates remained motionless?

Recently, gasoline prices accompanied by falling prices of other commodities, including freight rates. However, the decline in freight rates is still not commensurate with the reduction in fuel price.

On 18/12/2015 to 01/04/2016, there were two gasoline price cuts.

Specifically, gasoline prices decreased 760 VND / liter (corresponding reduction of 7.5%), the impact reduced taxi fares was 2.25%, respectively. Oil prices fell 2,120 VND / liter (16.5% rate). Therefore, the products, services, transport inputs oil proportion (35% -45%) will impact respectively fixed-line tariff reduction of 5.8% -7.4%.

Taxi is a quite popular transport with the relative price acceptable. However, what the passenger disagree when fuel prices decline, the new freight reduction also reasonable. This way, over 5 times the price of petrol decreased, but taxi fares no change is unacceptable.

Mr.Bui Danh Lien, president of the Association of Hanoi automotive transport, said: "The latest price correction has not been a month, transport enterprises are still listening. Never even been able to reduce rates where".

"The adjustment of rates of thousands Hanoi taxi have wanted nor fast because of which involved testing, reinstall the meter, stamping boarding charges. Each taxi is now lost ten, fifteen days completed hundreds of cars" Lien said.

The Ministry of Finance has written to the transport companies adjust rates accordingly with fuel price movements. Where businesses deliberately failing to reduce freight rates will be sanctioned under the provisions of Article 11 of Decree No. 109/2013.

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