Rising world oil prices, domestic prices have increased with?

Prices of petroleum products imported from 18-2, the closest date to control prices have started to rise again. However, the possibility of domestic retail prices remain when the executive agencies use the stabilization fund to offset.

Information posted on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade show that RON92 petrol prices in recent days were above $ 40/tank. Even in the most recent trading session, closing price was up to $ 44.87 /tank, the highest level in the last month.

In commodities oil, the price difference was even higher. Kerosene in the recent trading sessions are closed at $ 42.5/tank and has set the top, at $ 44.27/tank in yesterday, the highest over the past two months. Meanwhile, diesel oil almost went up constantly, fluctuating around $ 40/tank, while in the previous 15-day period, this item regularly at $ 35-36/tank.

That means, in time to run, is expected to fall on 4/3, the retail price will be adjusted to suitable with the new facility price when import prices rise, also if you want to keep the retail price, the authorities must allow to use the stabilization fund to offset.

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