The thousands VND 0 tickets from Vietjet

Anticipatory the festive season and jubilant launching new routes, Vietjet announced super promotion week "Big Sale" - opening sale 300,000 tickets with VND 0 price for all operators journey. There are opportunity to fly and get the great experiences, to gain time "hunting" tickets, do not miss this series of attractive promotions all of you!

300,000 tickets for gold hour promotion - fly bustling with Vietjet

300,000 tickets with VND 0 of Vietjet attractive customers

- Series of ticket with VND 0 opening to sell from 11/11 - 11/18/2015 (from 12h-14h every day) by Vietjet.

- The time flying applicable from 01.12.2015 - 05.20.2016 (excluding holidays prescribed)

- Promotions are applicable for all domestic and international flights to Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Yangon (Myanmar).

- Cheap Tickets are open for sale on online channels of Vietjet (website, address Mobile, Facebook)

The ticket conditions:

+ Rename: Not applicable

+ Refund: Not applicable

+ Change departure dates, itineraries: Permitted, pay fee and fare difference follow the conditional Promo ticket.

- Forms of Payment: Payment immediately by cards

+ Credit Visa / MasterCard / AMEX / JCB

+ Inland ATM card registered Internet Banking (applicable to Vietnam)

Note: Promo tickets are excluding taxes and surcharges. The program may be terminated earlier if the number of tickets sold out.

Fly free - excellence experience with Vietjet

Series of 0 VND tickets applied for all flights network of international and domestic. With convenient time and easy way, the program will bring many exciting fly opportunities, the attractive prices for passengers "hunt" ticket be on time at 12hh - 14h every day.

Series of 0 VND tickets from Vietjet Airlines is the opportunity for customers to free flying to all regions of the country, further you can also make longer trips to South Korea, Thailand, Singapore or Myanmar.

You can not miss the chance to free fly free with Vietjet.

If you want to record their footprint across the provinces of S-shaped strip of land or want to save money for the journey nearby New Year, you can also book the tickets placing first deviation. If enlist get the New Year's tours for yourself you can choose Hanoi place – an excellent land with spring's period charm to destination. If from the North you want to discover the South of Spring Beauty, you can book a flight to Saigon to get yourself the new discovery of this vibrant city with rapid development speed.

Besides, the series of attractive destinations with the participation of the routes served Vietjet like Nha Trang, Da Lat, Vinh, Thanh Hoa ... would be pretty exciting journey for you.

Besides domestic flights, if you want to change the atmosphere you can also book air tickets to Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Yangon (Myanmar) on the first occasion where many festivals take place here is unique ideal opportunity for you to discover the unique colorful culture of these countries.

Let's quickly make the schedule. "wait” the hunting ticket hour, book very quickly to become the owner of the VND 0 tickets and get for yourself the fascinating journeys all of you!


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