1. History of Pimex

VIETNAM Import Export and Property Join Stock Company was formerly known as Gold Value Investment Property Construction Join Stock Company was established and operated according to the Certificate of business registration No: 0105216422, issued the first time on 25/03/2011 by HANOI Department of Planning and Investment. Main business is Real Estate investment, Import – Export, Air Tickets, Manpower supply. In the initial period, company has focused on joint ventures, investment-linked projects in the Angola market typical as: Urban Nova Ciadade de Kilamba project, MAIANGA Ice Factory – Luanda.

After finished the projects in Angola, Pimex has focused on the VIETNAM market and expanded business lines such as: Transportation, Finance Investment, Petroleum, distribution the executive kitchen products which has imported directly from Germany, high technology Textile-Garment, Advertising. Along with the diversification of business types, Pimex has been gradually expanding the network of investments in Vietnam.

With long-term vision and integrate into the process of international integration, Our company are looking to be the pioneer to bring advanced technologies, modern equipment such as: Automatic Fuel Dispensers 4 in 1 which can be paying by Cash,Visa - Master Card  and imports from EU, the fire protection system is fully automated with Smoke sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor technology, the intelligent Clay cu  system of Australia to apply for the project "PIMEX High Technology Petrol Station". In parallel with the project "PIMEX High Technology Petrol Station" we are also implementing the project "Providing Advertising services, Smart Retail" at the stations on the Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway project with modern mechanical systems, Europe standards technologies. With the slogan, "Share for the development" Pimex always desire to bring the modern equipments, advanced technologies apply in each investment project in order to bring convenience to consumers, to ensure safety in fire prevention, environmental friendliness.

Besides the intensive invest and wishes to apply the modern equipments, advanced technologies in the projects. PIMEX’s Board of management is always strengthening the executive towards professional, modern, IT applications to improve efficiency in management and developing the company up to a new level. Over more than four years of working and developing. PIMEX has been achieved the good accomplishments. With staffs were trained in Europe and the enthusiasm to exert the strength of company. All employees of VIETNAM IMPORT EXPORT AND PROPERTY JOINT STOCK COMPANY strives to build company is more and more development, sustainable and ready for the challenges and opportunities in the period of TPP and FTA.

2. Vision and Mission


Vision: To become a potential, dynamic and competitive multi-business Public limited company which always aim at conquering higher goals; and to be the first choice of partners, customers and investor .




Mission: Pimex commits itself to constantly make renovation and promote full investment in order to develop and supply high-quality products - services to customer and contribute significantly to the development of society. It is a firm basis for the close relationship between the enterprise and customers as well as partners


3. Core value

  • Social responsibility.

  • Dynamic in business.

  • Innovation in manufacturing.

  • Professional in Management.

  • Efficiency in investments.

  • For the benefits of all parties.